Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Maloof Showcases Art Inspired From Vast Outdoors

Rebecca Maloof is a resident of Running Springs, but her art is currently displayed at the Mountain Arts Network Gallery at Lake Arrowhead Village, Encompass in Crestline, The Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead and Family Jewels in Running Springs.

Maloof said she was “born and raised in the vast outdoors of Oregon ranching country” and has “always felt connected to the Earth and her creatures.” She said these things have become recurring themes in her work.

Maloof added that she went to the University of Oregon with a double major in fine arts and special education. She finished at Pacific Oaks College with a bachelor’s degree in human development and a specialization in social change.

With a desire “to make arts accessible,” Maloof said she spent 14 years teaching students from the ages of 1 to 18.

Additionally, Maloof said she used to own her own clothing store, which had a design and manufacturing studio in-house.

Now, Maloof said she collects objects in her travels around the west coast and throughout the desert in the southwestern United States. She uses those objects to create her “wearable works of art.”

At the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Art and Wine Festival this May 18 and 19, Maloof said she and other artists from the Mountain Arts Network will be showcasing their work. Her exhibit will include “crystals, semi-precious stones, and “lots of sparkles.”


Student Art Show

In addition to their participation in the Art and Wine Festival, Mountain Arts Network will be having their Rim of the World High School student art show on Saturday, April 13 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Cash prizes will be given to the top three winners in each category. Categories include painting, drawing, mixed media, ceramics and photography.

The winning artwork will be on display in the gallery windows until April 29. The students will have the option to sell their work through the gallery and retain all proceeds.

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