Tree Crushes Jeep After Storm

As the soil was loosened by the storms that flew over the mountain this weekend, a tree that is expected to be around 500 years old was collapsed under its own weight, crushing a truck and damaging a deck in the process.

Victor Guzman, 45, is the man who will be cutting the tree into pieces once the weather clears in order to clear the resident’s driveway in Agua Fria.

Guzman said he expects a team of six men with two trucks and trailers to clear the tree in roughly four days due to the size of the fallen tree.

Guzman, who lives in Twin Peaks, has been cutting trees for 15 years alongside his wife, Karen Alvarado, 45.

Alvarado said despite the heights and the dangers that come with cutting trees for a living, the job is no longer as scary as it once was after working with her husband for all these years. 

“In the beginning when I didn’t know a lot about the job, it was scary because I was afraid of heights,” Alvarado said.

The couple works primarily in the mountain area and has done work for the owner before.

“I like to help people when they need it,” Guzman said. “A lot of the people here don’t have a lot of money, so I try to give them a good deal to help them out. I don’t like to take advantage of people.”

Guzman said no one was hurt when the tree fell.

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