Earth’s Call’ Book Series Encourages Children to Be Environmental Activists

The first book in a new series by Lake Arrowhead resident Peter Baker Lackey has exceeded the author’s goal of reaching out to youth from elementary through high school about the climate crisis. “Earth’s Call: Journey to Paradise,” launched on Earth Day 2019, is already a success with readers of all ages throughout Europe and Africa as well as the United States and Canada. 

Baker said he has had ideas for the book series for many years. He started Book One three years ago and he is almost finished with Book Two.

When he began the project, Baker hoped the books would activate youth. By the time Book One launched on April 22, Baker knew that kids were already activated. “Kids now know that they must take climate crisis into their own hands because not enough is being done about it.”

Kids ask adults to tell them the truth because it is their future, Baker noted. “They tell us to save the Earth so they may have a future.”

So Baker approached the project to produce whimsical books about fascinating Critters who hear Earth’s call.

Two of the main characters are Biff and Ululani, squirrel friends who are at a point in life where children go from playing on the playground to the larger world out there. The two are aware that they have purpose in life, but they don’t know yet what that is. Through a series of adventures they discover it. 

“The first book creates the fantasy,” Baker explained. “My challenge was to provide a level of information that was not too horrifying for children.”

For example, they learn from Millie, a pelican, about the ocean temperature rising and resulting in not enough fish for the pelicans to eat. 

Book Two goes deeper into the climate problems. “It’s easier now because the kids are ready, Baker noted. “The second book mixes fantasy with the more scary truth of climate crisis. Kids now are more aware and willing to face it.” 

Critters in the books use the Earth Songs to reach the hearts of humans, to teach humans to love the Earth.

“It’s happening on Earth now,” Baker asserted. “Youth are being activated. Kids spend their waking hours in activism. Book One keeps the magic of being a child while being active to save the environment. This is the most critical time in their culture — ever.”

Thus, Baker’s books are designed to teach, inspire and elevate humans to come together; to stop and reverse the harm being done to life on this Earth.

Prior to becoming a writer (using only his first and middle names), Peter Baker Lackey lived a colorful life. During college he designed jewelry to earn extra money. The jewelry was popular and sold well, overshadowing his studies in environmental science.

Baker moved to Lake Arrowhead in the 1970s  and had a shop in the Village where he sold exquisite fine jewelry made with shells. 

Someone recommended that he go to Hawaii, which he did. He was there 10 years. He and his then-wife expanded the business,  Treasures of the Earth, to include accessories.

“The product line became famous throughout the U.S., especially New York in the early ‘80s,”  Baker said.

In the mid- to-late ‘80s, so much of his business was in California, New York, Dallas and other cities on the continent. He traveled extensively to promote his product line at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and other high-end retail stores.

Baker also began to design and produce furniture. To minimize the traveling, he left Hawaii and went back to California, this time to San Diego. 

Treasures of the Earth closed in 2010. Reflecting on his years of designing and making fine jewelry, accessories and furniture, Baker said he considered himself to be an artist and creator.

Inspired to write, Baker semi-retired from the furniture business to write Earth’s Call.

After Book One launched, Amazon tracked the sales and ranked the book’s success:

#1 New Release in Nature and Ecology

#1 New Release in Weather

#1 New Release in Earth Sciences

#7 New Release in Climatology

#2 New Release in Ecosystems

#2 New Release in Ecology

The print book is available on Amazon, and the ebook may be purchased to download onto a Kindle.

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