Coyote Enclosure Funding Closer

Wildhaven Ranch in Cedar Glen has reached a milestone in its efforts to raise funds for a new coyote enclosure.

A generous anonymous donor made a major contribution that brings the non-profit organization’s savings close to its initial goal of $30,000, announced Diane Dragotto Williams, executive director. However, the cost of the enclosure will exceed that amount, and Wildhaven has set a new goal of $10,000 for the next phase.

The wildlife enclosures at Wildhaven were destroyed in the Old Fire of 2003. The ranch has been saving funds since then to rebuild or upgrade enclosures for the wild ones, Williams explained.

“One of the last enclosures to rebuild has been for our Animal Ambassadors, Wiley and Yotay,” Williams declared in an e-mail to supporters. “Because of strict regulations for chain link security fencing and multiple areas for shifting the canines, this enclosure has been among the most challenging and expensive.”

Diamond Fence, which built nearly all the ranch’s enclosures over the past 17 years, began the process. Another $10,000 will go toward finishing the hot wire extensions and the deep-perimeter welded wire foundation to prevent the coyotes from digging out.

“The enclosure will give each coyote about 1,500 square feet of forest land with trees and shelters from storms and severe winter weather,” Williams said. “They also will have a common wall to visit and play with each other, but keeping them safe from ‘rough house’ injuries. They are not from the same pack and have been raised separately, so territorial issues could cause serious challenges.”

The mission of Wildhaven Ranch is to preserve wildlife indigenous to the San Bernardino Mountains and to leave a valuable heritage to our future generations. The staff accomplishes its mission by providing a protective environment where non-releasable wild animals can live in safety and peace. For more information, visit or call (909) 337-7389.