Mountain Hospitality at Sky Forest Inn

What began as an idea for a venue to host themed parties turned into a business for both David Laime and Alisa Juni. Now owners of Sky Forest Inn, which was once known as the enchanted Storybook Inn, the two have seen their dream come true – one they were not aware they had.

“We looked for a place for months,” Laime commented, adding that when they discovered the inn, they knew they’d found the perfect place. They did not only see a place that would allow them to host parties and socialize with friends and family, but they were presented with an opportunity to give the community something it had been missing for a long time.

“The location was perfect, and it was still ‘storybooked’ when we stepped in. It was a great deal on the building, but it needed some work,” Laime shared.

The two got to work and completely renovated the space to be a comfortable, cozy and memorable place to stay while visiting the mountain. Although Laime expressed that the effort in getting there was not easy, it was worth it. Now, as the inn keeper, he continually works on maintaining the space in order for it to remain in prime condition.

“It is hard work but, when locals found out we were opening SkyForest Inn, they were overjoyed,” he reflected, adding that the response gives him motivation.

Laime, whose background in hotel management was in a prior job, aims to attract more visitors to the mountain on weekends, – and weekdays, as well. He mentioned that, even though the weekend business is great, it is ensuring that the mountain continues to have that business throughout the weekdays that is important.

After SkyForest Inn was seen on and, Laime said that reservations started filtering in. “That’s the power of the Internet.”

At SkyForest Inn, guests can stay in one of the eight rooms available. The master suite includes a king-size bed, sleeper sofa, fireplace, kitchenette and jacuzzi tub. The suite opens up to a large lower deck that has a breathtaking view of the mountain and valley below.

The Inn itself has an entertainment room that has a fireplace and lounge area in one corner, a pool table in another, as well as a music section. There are plenty of tables in the main room, which are perfect for the complimentary breakfast that is served to guests.

In addition to what is offered for visitors, the Inn also hosts a locals night, ‘The All-Mountain Jam Session.’ This event is held Sunday evenings, from 3 to 6 p.m., and is perfect for a night out to enjoy music and be with friends.

The ultimate goal for Laime is for SkyForest Inn to thrive and flourish. “Above that, I want to help create memories for folks,” he expressed. “I want people to remember this place even years after they’ve stayed here.”

For more information on SkyForest Inn, visit or call (909) 744-8822.