The ‘Living Room’ of Crestline: Rim of the World Sports Bar

The Rim of the World Sports Bar, which opened in October 2019, is the last business drivers pass before leaving Crestline via Highway 138 and the first for those arriving.

While it might not yet have a “Welcome to Top Town” sign, co-owner Cliff Herington III said that the establishment means more to him and his life-partner, Robin Dickey, than simply being another watering hole. To Herington, the bar is a community “living room” where people from all different backgrounds and walks of life can come to feel part of the Crestline family. 

“We want to be community-oriented,” he said. “We want people to come in and enjoy themselves.” 

With 15 beers on tap, an Italian-made pizza oven, pool table, bristle dartboard, regulation-size shuffleboard and enough TVs to give Best Buy a run for its money, the Rim of the World Sports Bar has plenty of entertainment options. 

To cultivate the comfortable “living room” feel, Herington said they paid special attention to the bar’s aesthetics — something he credited Dickey with spearheading. 

“The chairs have backs to them and comfortable cushions on their seats,” he said. “We’re trying to make it feel homey, instead of just a stark room.” 

The pine tables were crafted locally by Bates Construction. Herington said they were donated by the construction company’s owner, Steve Bates. Additionally, Dickey took a page from the Orange County playbook, suggesting that they use a cement bar top. Under the counter are power outlets with USB sockets making the bar more appealing for those wanting to work away from the office. 

At night, purple neon lights set the mood for the bar’s weekly band performances, karaoke and open mic activities. Sports play on all their televisions, and during football season, Herington said they have the NFL Sunday Ticket package. 

Another unique aesthetic of the bar is its motorcycle decor. Framed photos line the bar walls, commemorating different motorcycle events dating back to Herington’s childhood. In a space above the wall farthest from the entrance, three full-scale motorcycles stand. One is a kids’ motorcycle equipped with training wheels. Herington said it was his son’s first bike. Another bike on display is a 1964 ESO speedway bike made in Czechoslovakia. Gears and sprockets are embedded into the concrete bar top.

“We love the sport of motorcycling — whether it be on the dirt or the street,” Herington said. “It was just in my blood ever since I was a little tyke.”

Herington hung his father’s desert and street riding vests on the middle wall, on either side of a Crestline banner.

The bar features four televisions abutting one another to form a 130-inch video wall. Herington said that it was installed two weeks before Super Bowl 54.

Though the bar opened in its current location last year, Herington and Dickey owned and operated the business years before.  

The couple decided to start the bar at its original location, catty-corner to its current site, after Dickey grew tired of commuting to and from Los Angeles for her work as a fashion designer.  At that time, the Rim of the World Sports Bar neighbored Pazzo’s pizzeria. Apartments were on the floor above it. 

“She and I both like people,” Herington said. “So we went ahead [...], dove in and bought the business.” 

The two operated out of the location until 2015 when a fire tore through the building, causing irreparable damage. 

Herington said he had hung a motorcycle used in the Evel Knievel movie above the bar’s signature fireplace. Firefighters could not recover the bike because it was bolted to the wall.  

“I hated to see it go. I really did. Even though I didn’t own it, it was a Crestline iconic building,” Herington said about the building. “But when that building burned down, the roof fell on the bike, protecting it.”

Though the fire melted the bike’s tires and fiberglass, Herington said he has gradually restored it. The Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka, Kansas found a gas tank and used a stencil to recreate the original paint job. Herington said the motorcycle is currently about 80 percent restored and hopes to have it back on display within a year. 

The Rim of the World Sports Bar has an extensive lineup of activities nights. On Wednesdays, the bar has an open mic night which is open to performers of all styles — they even had a stand-up comedian perform.

On Fridays, karaoke starts at 7 p.m. Saturdays feature performances from live bands playing blues and classic rock or a DJ. 

Herington said they will hold fundraising efforts for Rim of the World Search and Rescue, as well. He had participated in the organization after high school and appreciated the camaraderie and their goal of helping people.

“Whatever money [we raise] will go to Rim of the World Search and Rescue,” Herington said. “In the fall, we’re going to try to put together a casino night to raise money for volunteers...” 

They will also hold a fundraising event on Saint Patrick’s Day.

“I’ve been waiting on the reopening for a while,” said patron and Crestline resident Frank Carpenter. “There are a lot of interesting people, from all walks of life, that come here. It’s a community-driven atmosphere.”

The Rim of the World Sports Bar is located at the corner of Highway 138 and Crest Forest Drive, Crestline.